Dynasolve CU-6 1g

Dynasolve CU-6 1g

Dynasolve CU-6is a non-gelling, higher flash point version of CU-5, and is recommended for both flushing and cleaning, especially in applications in which liquid isocyanates are present either prior to cleaning, or will be introduced after cleaning (such as in a mixing tank).Dynasolve CU-6is non-chlorinated, nonflammable (by U.S. Department of Transportation definition), non-carcinogenic, and non-ozone depleting. It replaces and improves on the performance of commodity solvents such as methylene chloride, acetone, methyl ethyl ketone (MEK), and 1,1,1-trichloroethane.Dynasolve CU-6can be used for extended periods, tolerate high resin loadings, and will reduce disposal costs. It is also recyclable via vacuum distillation.

Directions for Use

1. For Flushing: UseDynasolve CU-6as you would normally use any other flushing solvent. Mild heating of the solvent will product faster results. The use of compressed air for agitation of the solvent will also help to facilitate cleaning. If excessive amounts of liquid isocyanates are present, Dynasolve Iso-Neutralizer must be used first. Failure to use the Iso-Neutralizer may lead to gelling of the flushing solvents.
2. For Cleaning: Immerse parts to be cleaned inDynasolve CU-6. Let soak until residue is loosened and can be wiped or brushed off. Then rinse parts with water and dry. Mild heating of the solvent to 130-150° F, and/or the use of ultrasonics will produce faster results. Mechanical filtering of larger urethane particles using a cheesecloth or metal mesh filter will help extend the life of the solvent. For the most difficult applications, more aggressive (reactive) solvents are available. Please contact Dynaloy for more information on these products.

Materials of Construction

Materials of Construction
Recommend: Teflon, butyl rubber, silicon rubber, Kalrez, mild steel, Halar, melamine, Nylon 101, polyethylene, polypropylene, Ryton (150°F or less).
Avoid: Viton, PVC, ABS, Buna-N, Durel, Hypalon, Kynar, Lexan, Lucite, Neoprene, Noryl EN-265, Noryl 731, PET, phenolic, polyester, polysulfone, polyurethane, Ultem, Valox.


Dynasolve CU-6contains powerful organic solvents. It is harmful if inhaled or swallowed. Avoid breathing vapors or mist. Keep away from heat and flame. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Wear gloves, safety glasses, and protective clothing when handling. Use with adequate ventilation.

  •  Dynasolve CU-6 is especially effective for flushing mixing and metering equipment and feed lines, as it quickly and completely cleans polyols, crystallized isocyanates, and other urethane intermediates. However, in cleaning of isocyanate sides of equipment, Dynasolve  Iso-Neutralizer should be used first if excessive onlyamounts of liquid isocyanates are present. Dynasolve CU-6 will not gel in contact with liquid isocyanates, but if limited amounts are present.
  •  Dynasolve CU-6 is very effective in penetrating, loosening, and removing cured urethane foam deposits andbuild-up from mixing heads, troughs, conveyor parts, side walls, rollers, foam cutting devices and molds.
  •  Dynasolve CU-6 will remove all types of urethanes: flexible, rigid, elastomers, molded, and adhesives. It iseffective for both MDI and TDI esters and ethers.
  •  Dynasolve CU-6 will quickly and completely clean residual cured polyurethane reactive hot melt (PURHM)urethane adhesives from roll coating equipment. It will also remove these same reactive hot melts fromdispensing equipment.
  •  Dynasolve CU-6 is excellent for the removal of polymer-based inks from rollers in flexographic printingequipment.
  •  When heated, Dynasolve CU-6 will also clean many types of epoxies and other adhesives.

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