ProSeal™ Closed Cell Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation


The Issue: Dampness and Air Leaks

Builders and homeowners alike are realizing that without a proper barrier against air and moisture, homes can suffer from water damage, air leaks, and the resulting condensation and mold growth. This not only harms the structure of the building but also reduces its lifespan. Plus, it makes living in the house uncomfortable and raises energy bills.

The Answer: ProSEAL™

Here's where ProSEAL™ comes in. It's a foam insulation with a density of 2lb/ft3. We apply it as a liquid to various parts of your home - walls, ceilings, attics, or floors. The liquid then reacts, expands, and cures right in place, creating a seamless insulating membrane that sticks firmly to your walls.
This membrane is great at stopping air penetration and reducing outside noise. So, you'll have a quieter home and save on energy costs. The closed-cell structure of ProSEAL™ stops air movement and has a low perm rating, controlling moisture vapor movement. This means there's no need for an extra vapor retarder.
By controlling moisture vapor, we prevent condensation, which in turn stops water from supporting mold growth. Plus, we mix ProSEAL™ with an anti-microbial agent to keep mold, mildew, and bacteria at bay.

The Outcome: High-Performance Insulation with Great Value

ProSEAL™ provides top-notch home insulation that's worth every penny. By designing and building an energy-efficient, low-maintenance home, you'll cut down on the energy used for heating and cooling. This reduces the load on utility companies for the entire life of your house.
With ProSEAL™, you can insulate right up to the roof deck, maximizing the usable space under the roof. By placing HVAC ductwork in this conditioned space, you eliminate energy waste from leakage. You can then use this extra-conditioned space for anything - computer rooms, playrooms, bonus rooms, or even closet space.
What used to be wasted attic areas now become valuable living spaces at a low cost, significantly increasing the retail market value of your house. Add up all these benefits and it's clear - ProSEAL™ is the high-performance insulation you've been looking for.

Homeowner Perks with ProSEAL™

ProSEAL™ spray foam insulation is designed to save you money, strengthen your home, and enhance your comfort. Here's how:

  •  Savings on Energy Bills: with an impressive R-value of 6.8 at one inch, ProSEAL™ reduces both your heating and cooling costs.
  •  No More Leaks: ProSEAL™ creates an air barrier that puts an end to leaks and energy loss.
  •  Moisture Control: Our product also acts as a vapor retarder, solving your moisture problems.
  •  Healthier Homes: ProSEAL™ is specially formulated to keep mold, mildew, and bacteria at bay, improving your indoor air quality by blocking dust and pollutants.
  •  Environmentally Friendly: By reducing your energy consumption, ProSEAL™ helps you lessen your environmental impact.
  •  Comfortable Living: Enjoy consistent room temperatures with no drafts, no cold or hot spots, and reduced outside noise thanks to our seamless, airtight, insulated barrier.
  •  Damp-Proofing: Our product damp-proofs your home by creating a seamless membrane between the inner and outer walls.
  •  Proven Power: Spray polyurethane foam systems have been successfully applied for over 45 years, and ProSEAL™ is no exception.

Profoam ProSeal Brochure

Profoam ProSeal Brochure
  • Jan 25, 2021

ProSEAL™ is the most energy efficient closed-cell polyurethane spray foam insulation system available.

ProSeal™ 1.7 Closed Cell SPF

The World’s First High Yield Closed Cell Insulation

Builder Advantages with ProSEAL™

ProSEAL™ is the highest quality spray foam technology available today, offering many benefits for builders.

Design Flexibility

Our product is adaptable to uniquely shaped, hard-to-insulate designs.

Easy Installation

ProSEAL™ is easy to install, helping you finish jobs under budget and ahead of schedule.

Seamless Insulation

It creates a fully adhered and monolithic membrane for a seamless insulation envelope.

Instantly Watertight

ProSEAL™ becomes watertight within seconds of application.

Versatile Application

It can be applied to the underside of roof decks to form conditioned or cathedralized attic areas.

More Usable Space

Convert normally unusable attic areas into usable living spaces with ProSEAL™.

Greater Energy Savings

ProSEAL™ crawl space insulation can be installed in a non-vented configuration for even more energy savings.

Code Compliant

Our product is building code-compliant ESR #1615.

Professional Installation

ProSEAL™ Is Installed By Our Trained And Highly Experienced Profoam Contractors.

Get the Best with Profoam

Looking for top-notch closed-cell spray foam insulation? Profoam has got you covered. We proudly offer the highest-yield product on the market today.

Embrace the New High-Yield Foam Insulation

Our new high-yield closed foam insulation uses Honeywell's innovative Solstice LB blowing agent. This advanced material helps create spray foam systems with superior insulation values, improved burn characteristics, and a higher yield than older blowing agent materials.

Don't Miss Out on Profits

If you're still using outdated foam materials with 245 FA and higher in-place densities, you're leaving money on the table with each job. Why not see the difference for yourself? Order your ProSeal Plus 1.7 trial set today and experience the benefits firsthand.

Special Offer Just for You

Ready to be amazed? Give Profoam a call at 706-535-7805 and ask about our special trial pricing for the material. Trust us, you'll be blown away by the results!

Introducing SmartSPF® Insulation

We're excited to announce our new high-yield closed-cell spray foam insulation is the world's first Residential and Commercial SmartSPF® Insulation. It's designed to provide:

  •  High R-value (7.0/inch)
  •  Exceptional yield compared to traditional 2.0
  •  Great dimensional stability
  •  Flawless spraying performance
  •  Great opportunity for increased profits
  •  Low (GWP) Global Warming Potential
  •  Air barrier
  •  Water-resistant barrier
  •  Vapor retarder
  •  Drainage plain
  •  Helps improve interior comfort

Profoam ProFill Brochure

Profoam ProFill Brochure
  • Jan 25, 2021

High Performance OPEN-CELL SPRAY FOAM INSULATION An Environmentally-Friendly Open-Cell, Spray-In-Place Insulation That Stops Air Infiltration While Providing Energy Savings and A New Level of Comfort.