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TurboCutz Foam Cutter

The Turbo Cutz Foam Scrafing Tool/Hand saw effectively removes Open & Closed Cell foam efficient with minimal discard waste. TurboCutz works on 16" and 24" on center construction. The scarfed foam is sized to allow for quick pick-up and no dust. This waste can be bagged requiring little space...no more large foam pieces wrapped in poly requiring multiple trips to the landfill.


  •  120 V AC, 15 amps, 60 Hz motor
  •  Powder-coated durable steel frame.
  •  Over-sized shield protects operator and reduces airborne foam. 
  •  Safety Switch requires two-handed operation.
  •  Removes Open and Closed Cell Foam
  •  21 pounds 
  •  24" x 9" x 26"


TurboCutz Main Large Rollers
Turbo Cutz Main Large Rollers Replacement for inner (larger)-Qty: 2

TurboCutz Main Small Rollers
Turbo Cutz Main Small Rollers Replacement for outer (small)- Qty: 2

TurboCutz Roller Assembly
Turbo Cutz Roller Assembly Replacement-ships fully assembled.

  •  Large Roller
  •  Small Roller
  •  End Caps
  •  Bearings