Armor Coat Armor Putty, 2 Gallon Pail

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Armor Coat Armor Putty, 2 Gallon Pail **All items may be subject to quantity and color restrictions. Please contact the office for availability.**

AC Armor Putty is a premium quality patching compound manufactured using some of the industries most advanced, highest quality, water-based, non-toxic, 100% acrylic polymer resins. It is a high solids, water-based sealant which, once fully cured, provides a water resistant and extremely flexible membrane. 2 gallon pail.

Recommended Uses:
ARMOR PUTTY can be applied by brush, trowel or hand to gaps on abutting substrates as well as filling cracks on parapet walls, protrusions, joints, fasteners, flashing and seams. It may also be used in conjunction with polyester fabric to three course areas of the roof that may require additional reinforcement. Consult with the manufacturer for any/all application specific recommendations prior to starting your install.

  •  White Only

Weight 27215.52 grams

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