Tytan Professional Can Foam Cleaner 00799

A multi-use product designed for removing uncured polyurethane foams or adhesives. It is useful for cleaning of can valves and PU-foam gun applicators. The cleaner is excellent for degreasing metal surfaces before application of silicones and polyurethane. The Cleaner is manufactured in compliance with requirements of ISO 9001:2008 standard.

  •  Gun & Spray Nozzle
  •  Removes Uncured Foam
  •  Clear in Color
  •  12-oz Can
  •  Sold Individually

 Dissolving only uncured one-component PU-foams and adhesives. Cleaner has a destructive effect on the polystyrene, PVC and some other plastics, before use, test the cleaner on a given surface.

Weight 453.59 grams

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