Tytan Fire Block Can Foam

TYTAN Fire Block Extreme PRO is a fire blocking foam sealant designed to work in the most extreme conditions, from -4°F to 100°F ambient temperatures. Though Fire Block Extreme is ideal for all high and low humidity applications, but Fire Block 113 is the recommended in desert climates. Though it is not approved as a fi re stop, Fire Block Extreme is a certified dra stopping and fire blocking product. It is orange in color for easy inspection recognition. Fire Block Extreme uses a minimal shrinking technology to ensure an airtight seal, while providing industry-leading yield and is safe to be used around windows and doors. It offers minimal post-expansion for small gap filling while also being capable of filling gaps up to three inches. It offers premium adhesion to most construction materials including: wood, metal, masonry, glass, vinyl, and some plastics. With TYTAN Fire Block Extreme PRO Insulating Foam Sealant, you can Build with Confidence!

  •  Type V Residential
  •  24-oz Can
  •  Requires Can Foam Gun
  •  Orange in Color
  •  Sold Individually

Weight 453.59 grams

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