IPM 2:1 Low Ceiling Transfer Pump

Air Operated Fluid Pump which is specially designed for corrosive materials. Commonly used for low ceiling applications.
  •  Fully air operated
  •  2 ball piston design provides uniform positive displacement
  •  Extremely durable pump with long life packing
  •  Specially designed piston seals do not come into contact with material pumped. Hence, a longer life span as it is able to handle highly problematic fluids like Isocyanates which crystallizes on piston rods upon contact with moisture in air and rupture seals.
  •  For 55 gallons steel drum
  •  This pump is designed for the convenience of operator to take out/shaft in the pump when working inside the truck, due to smaller diameter at the bottom of the pump
  •  For fluid transfer and feed
  •  Mobile air spray machines

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Weight 13607.77 grams