Graco GX-7 Gun ,GX-7A 1/90

Graco GX-7 Gun ,GX-7A 1/90

The GX-7 mechanical purge gun that is the gun of choice for roofing and slab jacking operations.

GX-7 guns offer dependability, performance, and pattern control in even the toughest of conditions.

  •  Many Applications
  •  GX-7 can handle both spray foam and polyurea applications
  •  Mixing Technology
  •  Industry-proven mix and atomization technology
  •  Built for Challenging Conditions
  •  Specifically designed for challenging job-site conditions
  •  Cleaner For Longer
  •  More air volume to air cap helps keep the gun's tip cleaner longer
  •  Easy Clean
  •  Solvent-free, mechanically self-cleaning

Spray Foam Equipment and Parts distributed by Profoam Corporation in Rutledge, GA, near Atlanta. Ships anywhere. Call 706-557-1400.

Weight 4535.92 grams

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