Graco Fusion ProConnect Replacement Cartridge 1 Pack

Graco Fusion ProConnect Replacement Cartridge 1 Pack

Combined with a Fusion PC gun or Fusion AP gun outfitted with the ProConnect Retrofit Kit, the Fusion PC cartridge delivers you a perfect rebuild in seconds. This all-in-one cartridge head replaces multiple individual parts of the fluid section with a single component. Simply replacing the cartridge completely eliminates the need for a time-consuming traditional rebuild, keeping you spraying and minimizing costly downtime.

A single cartridge replaces the entire fluid section including o-rings

  •  Sprays exactly like a Fusion AP
  •  Integrated check valves for cross-over containment
  •  13 parts are replaced by a single ProConnect cartridge
  •  Eliminates the need to purchase fluid section o-rings
  •  Spare ProConnect cartridges can replace your back-up guns
  •  sold individually
Weight 113.4 grams

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