Spray Foam Hoses

Discover our selection of top-quality heated hoses and material supply hoses for spray foam equipment. Whether you need heated hoses for temperature-sensitive materials or material supply hoses for efficient material delivery, we have the solution to meet your needs. Upgrade your spray foam system with our premium hoses and experience enhanced efficiency and productivity.

Sidewinder Whip Hose Cover, 7' w/ End Straps
The Sidewinder SPF Whip Guard is designed to be a tapered fit over a standard spray hose while reducing weight and maximizing hose flexibility. straps located at both ends prevent the guard from shifting back and forth.
  •  Size: 7'
  •  Temperature Range: -60°F to +200°F Thermal Retention: 5°F – 10°F 
  •  Hook & Loop closure reduces installation by up to 70%