Carlisle ST1 Air Purge F-04 Spray Gun

Carlisle ST1 Air Purge F-04 Spray Gun

Carlisle ST1 Air Purge Spray Gun

Comes with F Mix Chamber and 04 Mix Tip w/ Accessory Kit

Smoother patterns, more uptime, and better ergonomics for sprayers. Over the course of 5 years, Carlisle assembled a team of industry-leading engineers, experienced technicians, and business owners to engineer the future of the spray foam insulation industry.

  •  Consistent spray patterns
  •  Check valve eliminates fluid and material from entering the air passage
  •  Quickly change tips and mix chamber to optimize flow and pattern width
  •  Simple, Durable Design
  •  Ultra Onyx coating improves gun body life and cleaning
  •  Higher performance side seal increases gun life, uptime
  •  Better Ergonomics
  •  Award-winning, the balanced handle allows sprayers to spray longer
  •  Swivel straps, handle winglets, and a 10% lighter design reduces hand stress
Weight 4535.92 grams

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