NCFI ProSeal 1.7# HFO Closed Cell Regular Foam

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Profoam offers hands down the best yielding closed cell spray foam on the market today. Our new high yield closed foam insulation features Honeywell’s new Solstice LB blowing agent. This next-generation blowing agent produces spray foam systems with higher insulation values, better burn characteristics, and higher yield than previous blowing agent materials. If you’re still spraying older technology foam materials with 245 FA and higher in place densities then you are giving profits away on every job you do. See for yourself by ordering your ProSeal Plus 1.7 trial set today. Call Profoam at 706-557-1400 and ask about our special material trial pricing and be prepared to be blown away with the results you’ll receive. 

Profoam’s new high yield closed cell spray foam insulation is the World’s First Residential and Commercial SmartSPF ® Insulation that provides: 
  •  High R-value (7.0/inch)
  •  Exceptional yield compared to traditional 2.0 
  •  Great dimensional stability 
  •  Flawless spraying performance 
  •  Great opportunity for increased profits 
  •   Low (GWP) Global Warming Potential 
  •   Air barrier 
  •   Water-resistant barrier 
  •   Vapor retarder 
  •   Drainage plain 
  •   Helps improve interior comfort
Weight 453592 grams

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