NCFI ProAg 2.0# HFO Closed Cell Regular Foam

NCFI ProAg 2.0# HFO Closed Cell Regular Foam
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A High-Performance SPF Insulation System Designed to Save Big on Energy Costs, Control Moisture, Provide More Consistent Temperature Control, Eliminate Air Infiltration, and Lower Overall Operating Costs.

ProAg™ is the most energy-efficient, closed-cell spray foam insulation system available for agricultural applications. Renewable resources are a part of our formulation. It can save the agricultural business owner a considerable amount on energy costs, compared to other conventional types of insulation, and will eliminate air infiltration, allowing for a more consistent and controlled environment for poultry and livestock. It can also be used for insulating liquid storage tanks, freezers, and cold storage facilities for storing perishable items such as potatoes, onions, tomatoes, and nuts, among others. (Please consult Profoam Polyurethanes for proper cooler and freezer applications and design.)

Weight 453592 grams

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