DC-315 Intumescent Coating Thermal Barrier, 5 Gallons, Black

DC-315 Intumescent Coating Thermal Barrier, 5 Gallons, Black
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DC-315 Intumescent Coating Thermal Barrier, 5 Gallons, Black (Please call customer service at 706-557-1400 for volume pricing)

This fire barrier spray foam is an intumescent coating applied over Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) to achieve a “15 Minute Alternative to Thermal Barrier” and “5 Minute Ignition Barrier.” This 5 gallon spray foam insulation is compliant to IBC & IRC codes; 3rd party inspected and listed by Warnock Hersey ( WN-20947), and meets the requirements of the AC456 criteria recently updated in AC377. DC315 has more than 200 tests worldwide over a wide variety of foams. It has one of the best coverage rates for foam at 115 sq ft/gallon, making it very cost efficient.

All surfaces to be coated must be clean, cured, firm, dry and free of dust, dirt, oil, wax, grease, mildew, and efflorescence. The quality of any application is only as good as the surface preparation that precedes the application. Our coating has excellent bonding characteristics and will adhere to most sound, clean, foam surfaces. Verify that the surface of the foam is free of gouges, holes, and exposed cells. Also verify the surface is stable, and not crumbling or deteriorated. If any such defects are found make sure to repair them prior to proceeding.
This spray on thermal barrier must be thoroughly mixed before application. Failure to do so will seriously compromise the coating's ability to perform. It is recommended to perform mechanical stirring with a high speed drill and a paddle appropriate for the size container you are working from. Contents should be stirred from the bottom up making sure to scrape the bottom and sides with a paint stick as you go. Contents should be stirred to a creamy consistency with no lumps. Continue mixing for 4-5 minutes per 5 gallon pail. Thinning is usually not needed. If DC 315 has been exposed to high heat, water may evaporate from the plastic 5 gallon container. If the paint level is below 3 inches from the top of the container, add enough water to bring the level back up to within 3 inches from the top in order to ensure proper consistency.
This 5 gallon spray foam insulation is best applied with an airless sprayer to achieve a more consistent mil thickness. In challenging areas where an airless sprayer is not practical, DC 315 can be applied by brush or roller Spraying DC 315 for Maximum Yield: If this is the first time using DC 315 we suggest testing a pre-measured area to get a feel for spraying and yield. Example, if the job requires 20 wet mils or 80 sq. ft. per gallon, then a 5 gallon pail would cover 400 sq. ft. Measure out one or two 400 sq. ft. sections using pieces of tape, thumbtacks, or canned spray paint. Use just enough to outline the area you intend to apply DC 315. We suggest spraying inside the outlined area and taking wet film thickness measurements, with a wet film gauge across the area, to get a feel for maximum yield.
Weight 56699 grams

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