Elastochem 3.0# Roofing Foam

Elastochem 3.0# Roofing Foam
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Profoam Elastochem 3.0# Roofing Foam

PROSEAL closed-cell spray applied polyurethane foam is a two component, medium-density, structural insulation system designed for commercial, residential, and industrial applications. Closed-cell polyurethane foam yields a high R-value and minimizes air and moisture infiltration. The spray applied nature of PROSEAL systems allows for tremendous sealing properties which contributes to healthier homes and workplaces. The rigid nature of PROSEAL increases overall   structural   integrity   resulting   in   more   durable   structures. PROSEAL   expands   during   application   to   provide   increased performance values by sealing the building envelope.The PROSEAL system is comprised of an “A” component or aromatic diisocyanate and a blended“B”component which includes polyols, fire retarding   materials,   catalysts   and   non-ozone   depleting   blowing agents.

Weight 453592 grams

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