PMC PX-7 A3 Pour Gun Package

PMC PX-7 A3 Pour Gun Package

PX-7 Mechanical Purge Gun

PX-7 incorporates a valving rod to mechanically purge the mixed material from the mixing module at the end of each shot; eliminates the need for solvent flushing or air purge. Flat pattern spray.

Ideal for Slab Jacking (Concrete Lifting), Roofing, Residential Foam and Coatings

  •  Economically Priced
  •  Mechanically Self Cleaning
  •  Solvent Free
  •  Airless Atomization
  •  Internal Impingement
  •  Machined Coupling Block
  •  Hand Honed Valving Rod
  •  Rebuildable Manual Valves
  •  Stainless Steel Hardened Gun Block
  •  A3 Pour Module
Weight 4535.92 grams

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