IPM 55-gallon Drum Mixer

IPM 55-gallon Drum Mixer

The DM-101 Drum Mixer is a very effective tool in mixing 55 gallon drums. Complete mixing can be achieved in short periods of time, usually within 30 minutes. The unique design of the blade allows the mixing blade to pass through the 2" NPT opening in the drum. With two 6" and one 8" blade, optimum mixing is achieved throughout the drum.


  •  Fully air operated
  •  No problem with stalling. Will not burn out as associated with electrical motors
  •  High powered with 1/4 HP air motor
  •  Speed can be easily adjusted by turning the air inlet needle valve
  •  Can be easily inserted into the drum through any 2 inch diameter hole when blades are collapsed
  •  Collapsible blades swing out by centrifugal force when it rotates
  •  Highly efficient axial flow impeller
  •  Very effective for all kinds of fluids which require agitation
  •  Quantity and position of blades can be varied to suit your requirements
  •  Wetted parts are made of stainless steel

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Weight 6350.29 grams

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