Pro Series PMC PH-2, 25kw Diesel Powered Sprinter Van

Pro Series PMC PH-2, 25kw Diesel Powered Sprinter Van

Sprinter Van Package:

  •  Commercial Sprinter Van to be Furnished by Customer
  •  Profoam Insulation on Walls and Ceiling Covered with AC Grade Plywood
  •  E-Track Barrell Bracing System with Heavy Duty Adjustable Ratchet Straps
  •  (1) Work Bench with Tool Box and Tool Package

Equipment Package:

  •  (1) PMC PH-2 Horizontal Hydraulic/Electric Proportioner: 240V 3-Phase. 7.5kW Primary Heaters, 120V Hose Heat Transformer
  •  210’ Heated Spray Hose w/ Scuff Jacket
  •  (2) Graco T-4 Pneumatic Material Transfer Pumps with Recirculation System
  •  (1) Carlisle ST1 Air Purge Spray Gun
  •  (1) Profoam ST1 Spare Parts Kit

Air Compressor Package:
  •  (1) 5 HP Industrail Air Compressor with 30 Gallon Tank, 3-Phase Electric Motor, 17 CFM @ 150 PSI, 2 Cylinder - 2 Stage Continuous Run High Efficiency Compressor
  •   3’4” Heavy Duty Air Regulator
  •   Electronic Automatic Tank Drain and Vibration Pads
  •  (1) 20 CFM High Inlet Temperature Refrigerated Air Dryer
  •   Airnet Aluminum Air Line System

Electrical Package:

  •  (1) Refurbished Kubota 25kW Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine Powered Generator with Electric Start, 15 Gallon Aluminum Fuel Tank
  •  100 AMP 3-Phase Sub Panel with Miscellaneous Breakers
  •  (2) 4’ LED Ceiling Lights
  •   All Wires Ran in Commercial Metal EMT Conduit

Safety Package:

  •  (1) Allegro 9815-EF 1-Man Fresh Air Respirator System
  •  150’ 3/4” Air Hose
  •  (1) Allegro Full-Face Mask w/ Peel Off Lens Covers
  •  (2) North Full-Face Masks w/ Organic Vapor Cartridges w/ Peel-Off Lens Covers
  •  (2) North Half-Masks w/ Organic Vapor Cartridges
  •  (1) Case of 2XL Spray Suits
  •  (12) Pairs of Spray Gloves
  •  (1) Box of Latex Gloves
  •  (1) Package of Head Socks
  •  (1) 15 Minute Wall Mount Eye Wash Station
  •  (1) Wall Mount First Aid Kit
  •  (1) 5-lb Fire Extinguisher
Warranty: All components come w/ a one year manufacturer’s warranty unless otherwise stated or specified.

Weight 453.59 grams

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