The Profoam Marketing Difference

No Other SPF Supplier Provides All This Marketing and Sales Support

Choosing the right partner in any new business venture is crucial and the SPF (Spray Polyurethane Foam) contracting business is no exception. Profoam specializes in helping individuals or companies enter into the spray foam insulation, concrete lifting or roofing business successfully. In the SPF business, the learning curve to success can be long and hard without the right partner to guide you. Profoam was founded by a sprayfoam professional who saw a void in the industry when it came to suppliers who understood the needs of SPF contractors and could offer ongoing training and support for their new business. As a Profoam business professional, you can be assured that you have the proper training, support and credentials to successfully maneuver your business through the day-to-day challenges of owning and operating an SPF contracting company.

Perhaps you’re already in the sprayfoam contracting business but haven’t found a good, reliable supplier to team up with that brings value to your existing company. Profoam prides itself on being a value added partner by helping our customers evaluate, streamline, and expand their existing business to make it more profitable. Most SPF contracting companies have areas of improvement or a desire for expansion. Since Profoam has nearly three decades of experience in the SPF industry, we can quickly identify our customer’s needs and set a plan of action in motion to help them achieve their professional goals.

When you join the Profoam team, you’ll be supported by the industry’s most comprehensive marketing and training program.

  •  Proven Technology, Systems and Products - Profoam has been designing and building rigs and equipment solutions for more than 20 years. We know your business!
  •  Support When You Need It - Anytime Support puts you in touch with our staff when you need them most.
  •  Easy Entry - We’re 100% focused on helping contractors get into the business and expand their existing businesses to make them more profitable.

Profoam Marketing Services Bundle

As a valued Profoam customer, you gain access to all the advertising and support services we use to build our own national brand. We offer a la carte marketing services for existing SPF contractors to help enhance their business marketing programs such as; business websites, business Facebook page, Facebook video ads, brochures and rig graphics. These can be purchased individually or as a group package.

New to the business Profoam customers that are purchasing a Profoam mobile spray rig can choose to take advantage of our new Marketing Services Bundle. This agreement is valued at over $6,000 and entitles our new customers to an all inclusive marketing package for a small fee. See below what all the package includes:

Business Logo Design

Our marketing team will work directly with you to help create your business name and logo. We have dozens of design templates to choose from or we can customize a logo specifically for you. 

Business Cards

Our marketing team will create and print your new business cards with whatever design you like!

Business Website

Our marketing team will customize your business website template to fit your business. We add all of your business information, contact information, service area, services you wish to provide, etc. to our comprehensive business website template and make it live for the world to see. Click here to see a sample customer website.

Business Facebook Page

Our marketing team will set up and provide content for your new SPF business page. This includes multiple video ads that promote various foam application examples. These ads show a wide array of applications such as new construction, retrofit applications, metal building applications, roofing applications, concrete lifting applications and more. Click here to visit our Facebook page, and please feel free to like it!
Profoam Facebook Page

Profoam Product Brochures 

Our marketing team will provide you with professional product and application brochures to help promote your SPF business!
Profoam Homeowner's Guide to Insulation Brochure
Profoam Homeowner's Guide to Insulation Brochure
  • Jan 25, 2021

Spray Polyurethane Foam is a high-performance insulation material commonly used in homes and buildings of all types.

Spray Foam Trailer Rig Wraps

We also offer customized spray foam trailer wraps. These are just a few of the designs our Spray Foam Contractors have used before.