Spray Foam Equipment

Spray Foam Equipment

Choosing Your Proportioning Equipment

Profoam offers sprayfoam and coating equipment from three different manufacturers to help ensure our customers get the best value for their money. We will never force feed one specific product to our customers but rather act as a consultant to make sure our customers have all of the information needed to make an informed decision.

All of the major manufacturers of SPF equipment make excellent products with great warranties. The choice comes down to application needs such as machine output, machine pressure, heating capability and hose length. Read on for the determining factors to help make this decision.

Proportioner Pumps Drive System

Plural component equipment is offered in three different material pump drive options:

PMC Spray Foam Machine

Air Driven Machines

Pneumatic proportioners have two separate material pumps that are driven by one air motor simultaneously. They are capable of spraying any two component material system we offer. An advantage to pneumatic machines is lower electrical requirements, which enables the use of a smaller, less expensive generator power source. Pneumatic proportioners are a good choice for turn-key, self-contained mobile spray rigs when lower budgets are required.

Electric Driven Machines

Electric driven machines have two independent material pumps and are generally used in residential and light commercial applications. Outputs of 20-30 LBS/MIN are typical output capabilities. Because these machines have electric heaters and pump motors, they require more power than other types of proportioners thus requiring larger generators.

Hydraulic Driven Machines

Hydraulic driven machines have independent horizontal hydraulic pumps that are electrically driven. These machines deliver consistent spray pressure and require little maintenance. The heaters and control panel are still electric but generally require less power than comparably sized total electric machines.


Free Spray Rig Guide

Looking to buy a new spray rig for your foam or coatings business? This E-Book will explain all the key areas to help determine just what type of rig and equipment is best for you.

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In This Ebook, You’ll Learn:

  •  Common spray foam rig types
  •  How to choose the size of the rig that is best for you
  •  How to power your spray rig and choose the best power supply
  •  How to select the right spray foam proportioner

Learn to build your next rig by downloading the free ebook now!

Looking for a Complete Turnkey Mobile Spray Rig?

  •  Bumper pull trailers (large and small)
  •  Gooseneck trailers
  •  Box trucks
  •  Custom design
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