How to Get Started in the Spray Foam Business?

Choosing the right partner in any new business venture is crucial and the SPF (Spray Polyurethane Foam) contracting business is no exception. Profoam specializes in helping individuals or companies enter into the spray foam insulation or roofing business successfully. In the SPF business, the learning curve to success can be long and hard without the right partner to guide you. Profoam was founded by sprayfoam professionals who saw a void in the industry when it came to suppliers who understood the needs of SPF contractors and could offer ongoing training and support for their new business. As a Profoam business professional, you can be assured that you have the proper training, support and credentials to successfully maneuver your business through the day-to-day challenges of owning and operating a spray foam contracting company.

Perhaps you’re already in the sprayfoam contracting business but haven’t found a good, reliable supplier to team up with that brings value to your existing company. Profoam prides itself on being a value added partner by helping our customers evaluate; streamline and expand their existing business to make it more profitable. Most SPF contracting companies have areas of improvement or desire of expansion. Because Profoam has nearly three decades of experience in the SPF industry, we can quickly identify our customer’s needs and set a plan of action in motion to help them achieve their professional goals.

Here are just a few examples of services we offer that may benefit your company:
  •  Expansion Into Foam Roof & Coating Applications
  •  Expansion Into Commercial Applications
  •  Expansion Into Polyurea Applications
  •  Expansion Into Industrial Applications
  •  Expanding Marketing Efforts/Web Sites/Media/Lead Generation
  •  Expanding/Improving Your Sales Team
  •  Application Training For Efficiency & Profitability
  •  Health & Safety Training (PCP Certification)
  •  Specialty Foam Applications

For almost three decades, the Profoam staff has been manufacturing turnkey mobile spray rigs for the SPF industry. During that time, we have helped over 400 new SPF contractors become long-term professionals in this competitive industry. We will be the first to admit that building and selling someone a mobile spray rig is the easiest part of what we do. The difficult part for most foam and equipment suppliers is to teach new SPF customers how to own and operate a successful sprayfoam contracting company.

Most SPF equipment providers only offer a ½ to 2 day classroom training “crash course” and then leave it up to the new sprayfoam business owner to figure out the rest from there. Profoam refuses to allow this to happen with our business partners. We realize that it takes years to develop a successful sprayfoam business program. A day or two of classroom training just isn’t enough to truly teach a new business owner the keys to success in this highly competitive industry. Profoam has spent the past few decades developing a system for success that involves classroom and field training as well as other forms of communication throughout the course of business development.

Some of the keys to success in the SPF contracting business are:

  •  Equipment Training
  •  Spray Training
  •  Health & Safety Training
  •  Marketing/Lead generation
  •  Networking
  •  Bidding Projects
  •  Selling/Closing
  •  Jobsite Training
  •  Equipment Maintenance
  •  Invoicing/AR
  •  Margin Tracking
  •  Labor Management

Profoam can provide the right training and support for its business partners as proven by our 95%+ success rate in helping new SPF contractors enter into the sprayfoam contracting business over the past 20 years. But don’t just take our word for it, hear what others are saying about us.