Jobsite Training

Virtually all of the Profoam sales reps are former spray foam contractors themselves. This is one of the most differentiating reasons to choose Profoam over other spray foam manufacturers and distributors. Profoam offers full day job site training with your own rig at our standard daily rates plus travel expenses.

Most manufacturers and distributors offer very little job site and application/business training. They quickly show you how the rig works and out the door you go. Not with Profoam! Our sales reps and technical staff have run their own successful spray foam businesses, and will train you on much more than just turning on and off the machine.

Some of the things covered:

  •  How to measure and bid a job
  •  Proper rig start-up and shut-down
  •  Equipment maintenance and repair
  •  Job site planning, prep work and application staging
  •  Proper spray technique
  •  Safety for your applicators and other trades
  •  Proper gun and equipment selection
  •  Cleaning and overspray removal
  •  Cost and margin tracking