Restoring Stability: SlabFix's Solution For Juicer's Facility

Located in Orlando, Florida, Slab Fix LLC undertook a significant project aimed at rectifying structural issues for Prodalim USA Inc., a well-established Juice Concentrate company headquartered in Winter Garden, FL. This project centered around Prodalim’s Ocoee facility and involved addressing a critical problem that had the potential to disrupt operations.

The main drain sewer lines at the Ocoee facility suffered a significant rupture, causing the erosion of approximately 20 cubic yards of compacted fill underneath the concrete flooring. To counteract the potential repercussions of this loss of support, Slab Fix LLC was entrusted with devising a suitable remedy.

A Practical Solution by SlabFix

Drawing on their expertise in structural solutions, Slab Fix LLC proposed a pragmatic approach to resolve the issue. The chosen method involved the application of the Strata-Fill™ 24-039 Geotechnical polyurethane by NCFI Polyurethanes, known for its dual-component composition and slow reactivity. This approach allowed for meticulous void filling, restoring stability to the compromised area. The material’s hydrophobic properties and low density of 2 lbs. per cubic foot made it a well-suited choice for this restoration project.

Reflecting on the project, Yasser Krayem, the owner and operator of SlabFix, shared his perspective: “The Prodalim project underscored our commitment to delivering effective solutions in a seamless manner. Collaborating closely with Prodalim USA Inc. and NCFI Polyurethane’s Geotechnical Division demonstrated our dedication to structural stability for our clients using world class products.”