Florida Seawall Foam Repair Using Terra-Lok™

Florida Marine Builders faced the challenge of stabilizing and filling the seawall voids in Florida. They turned to the innovative seawall foam repair solution using the NCFI Terra-Lok™ 24-120 Single Component Polyurethane, along with the Terrapin™ All-Terrain Single Component Work Station and technical guidance from Pro Foam.

The goal was to repair and reinforce the Florida seawall by utilizing the unique properties of the NCFI Terra-Lok™ Polyurethane. The aim was to achieve complete stabilization and fill voids or cracks within the soil and seawall structure.

The process involved injecting the NCFI Terra-Lok™ 24-120 Single Component Polyurethane into targeted depths where loose soil and voids were present. The polyurethane’s low viscosity allowed it to effectively permeate the soil. Once injected, the polyurethane reacted with moisture, expanding and compacting the soil.

The seawall foam repair injections followed a gradual upward trajectory to ensure comprehensive coverage and treatment. Weak locations along the entire length of the seawall were selected for injection, focusing on areas prone to cracks, voids, and loose joints.

The implementation of NCFI Terra-Lok™ Polyurethane yielded successful outcomes for Florida Marine Builders. The injections resulted in a fully stabilized and compacted soil layer, effectively sealing cracks, voids, and loose joints within the seawall structure. The video presentation showcased the injection patterns, a graphic illustrating the process of single component permeation grouting, and the before-and-after results of seawall repair using polyurethane foam.

Through the strategic use of NCFI Terra-Lok™ 24-120 Single Component Polyurethane, along with the support of the Terrapin™ All-Terrain Single Component Work Station and technical expertise from Pro Foam, Florida Marine Builders achieved their seawall stabilization objectives. The project demonstrated the effectiveness of polyurethane injection for repairing and reinforcing seawalls, ensuring structural integrity and longevity.