ProSeal™ Closed Cell Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation


The Problem

More and more, builders and homeowners are coming to understand that without an effective air and moisture barrier, a home is subject to water damage and air leaks that cause condensation and mold growth. The results can damage the structure and reduce the life of a building, in addition to making the occupants uncomfortable and costing them money in higher energy bills.

The Solution

ProSEAL™ is a 2lb/ft3 density, closed-cell polyurethane foam insulation that is applied as a liquid to the wall, ceiling, attic or floors. The liquid reacts, expands, and cures in place, forming a fully adhered, seamless insulating, and air-blocking membrane that seals walls to prevent air penetration and block outside noise pollution. The results are a quieter home and lower energy costs. The closed-cell structure of ProSEAL™ blocks air movement and has a low perm rating, which controls moisture vapor movement, eliminating the need for an additional vapor retarder. When moisture vapor is controlled, condensation will not occur, thus eliminating the water to support mold growth. Additionally, ProSEAL™ is blended with an anti-microbial agent to inhibit mold, mildew and bacterial growth.

The End Result

Superior Home Insulation Offering High Performance and Exceptional Value. By designing and building a highly energy-efficient, low-maintenance home, the reduction in energy used for heating and cooling will lower the demand on utility companies for the life of the house. With ProSEAL™, you can insulate directly to the roof deck, putting all of the space under the roof to use. By putting HVAC ductwork in conditioned space, energy waste from leakage is eliminated. This additional conditioned space can then be utilized for computer rooms, bonus rooms, playrooms, or closet space. Previously wasted attic areas become valuable living space for very little cost, while adding tremendous retail market value to the house. Add up the benefits and it’s easy to see that the high-performance insulation you’ve been looking for is ProSEAL™.

Homeowner Benefits

ProSEAL™ high-performance spray foam insulation saves homeowners money and makes their homes stronger, healthier and more comfortable. Significant savings on your monthly energy bills.

  •  Provides a superior R-value of 6.8 at one inch, reducing both heating and cooling costs.
  •  Creates an air barrier that eliminates leaks and energy loss.
  •  Provides a vapor retarder that controls moisture problems.
  •  Specially formulated to inhibit mold, mildew and bacterial growth.*
  •  Improves indoor air quality by keeping out dust and pollutants.
  •  Reduces your energy consumption, lessening your environmental impact.
  •  Provides consistent room temperatures – no drafts, no cold or hot spots.
  •  Reduces outside noise by creating a seamless, airtight, insulated barrier.
  •  Strengthens roof deck attachment against high wind. Has Florida product approval (#9975) and Miami Dade NOA approval (#12-0810.09) to reinforce roof deck attachment against hurricane-force winds.
  •  Strengthens walls and increases overall structural integrity by adhering and bonding to the wall surface.
  •  Provides secondary water barrier.
  •  FEMA Class 5 Flood-Resistant Material.
  •  Damp-proofs by creating a seamless membrane between the inner and outer walls.
  •  Proven insulating power – spray polyurethane foam systems have been applied successfully for more than 45 years. ProSEAL™ insulation systems are formulated with an anti-microbial ingredient to inhibit the growth of molds that may affect this product. The anti-microbial properties do not protect occupants of spaces insulated with ProSEAL™ insulation from potentially deleterious effects of molds, mold spores, or disease organisms that may be present in the environment.

Builder Benefits

ProSEAL™ high-performance spray foam insulation is the highest quality spray foam technology on the market today.

  •  Adaptable to uniquely shaped, hard-to-insulate designs.
  •  Easy to install so you finish a job under budget and ahead of schedule.
  •  Creates a fully adhered and monolithic membrane for a seamless insulation envelope.
  •  Watertight within seconds of being applied.
  •  Can be applied to the underside of roof decks to form conditioned or cathedralized attic areas.
  •  Normally unusable attic areas can be “harvested” by converting it into usable living space.
  •  Crawl space insulation can be installed in a non-vented configuration for greater energy savings
  •  Building code compliant ESR #1615.
  •  Installed by trained and highly experienced Profoam contractors.
Profoam ProSeal Brochure
Profoam ProSeal Brochure
  • Jan 25, 2021

ProSEAL™ is the most energy efficient closed-cell polyurethane spray foam insulation system available.

ProSeal™ 1.7 Closed Cell SPF

The World’s First High Yield Closed Cell Insulation

Profoam offers hands down the best yielding closed cell spray foam on the market today. Our new high yield closed foam insulation features Honeywell’s new Solstice LB blowing agent. This next-generation blowing agent produces spray foam systems with higher insulation values, better burn characteristics, and higher yield than previous blowing agent materials. If you’re still spraying older technology foam materials with 245 FA and higher in place densities then you are giving profits away on every job you do. See for yourself by ordering your ProSeal Plus 1.7 trial set today. Call Profoam at 706-557-1400 and ask about our special material trial pricing and be prepared to be blown away with the results you’ll receive.

Profoam’s new high yield closed cell spray foam insulation is the World’s First Residential and Commercial SmartSPF ® Insulation that provides:
  •  High R-value (7.0/inch)
  •  Exceptional yield compared to traditional 2.0
  •  Great dimensional stability
  •  Flawless spraying performance
  •  Great opportunity for increased profits
  •  Low (GWP) Global Warming Potential
  •  Air barrier
  •  Water-resistant barrier
  •  Vapor retarder
  •  Drainage plain
  •  Helps improve interior comfort

ProFill PLUS™ Open Cell SPF

High Yield (18,000 Bd Feet)

Open Profoam is pleased to announce the arrival of our next generation of NO MIX open-cell spray foam. ProFILL PLUS delivers improved spray ability, superior adhesion, lower odor, and improved yield over our previous no mix formulation. Try it on your next open cell foam project to see why Profoam customers are raving about the performance of this new and improved formulation.

New ProFILL PLUS No-Mix Open Cell Spray Foam

Open Profoam is pleased to announce the arrival of our next generation of NO MIX open-cell spray foam. ProFILL PLUS delivers improved spray ability, superior adhesion, lower odor, and improved yield over our previous no mix formulation. Try it on your next open cell foam project to see why Profoam customers are raving about the performance of this new and improved formulation.

Profoam ProFill Brochure
Profoam ProFill Brochure
  • Jan 25, 2021

High Performance OPEN-CELL SPRAY FOAM INSULATION An Environmentally-Friendly Open-Cell, Spray-In-Place Insulation That Stops Air Infiltration While Providing Energy Savings and A New Level of Comfort.

ProFill HD .75/LB Density Spray Foam Insulation

Our new ProFill HD .75/lb high-density open-cell foam is a more affordable alternative to closed cell insulation. Contractors are reporting exceptional yield, 9,000 - 10,000 board ft, compared to traditional 2.0 closed cell insulation which only gets half as much. Contractors using the ProFill HD .75/lb high-density cell open cell foam system in place of their standard 2.0/lb density closed cell foam system are still seeing a lot of the benefits of a rigid, durable, closed-cell polyurethane foam material with the added bonus of GREATER PROFITABILITY!

Major Benefits & Advantages of Hybrid .75:

  •  More Affordable Alternative to Closed Cell Insulation
  •  R-value = 4.1 per inch
  •  Exceptional yield
  •  Great dimensional stability
  •  Flawless spraying performance
  •  Great opportunity for increased profits
  •  Low (GWP) Global Warming Potential

ProAg™ Advanced Agricultural Insulation

A High-Performance SPF Insulation System Designed to Save Big on Energy Costs, Control Moisture, Provide More Consistent Temperature Control, Eliminate Air Infiltration, and Lower Overall Operating Costs.

ProAg™ is the most energy-efficient, closed-cell spray foam insulation system available for agricultural applications. Renewable resources are a part of our formulation. It can save the agricultural business owner a considerable amount on energy costs, compared to other conventional types of insulation, and will eliminate air infiltration, allowing for a more consistent and controlled environment for poultry and livestock. It can also be used for insulating liquid storage tanks, freezers, and cold storage facilities for storing perishable items such as potatoes, onions, tomatoes, and nuts, among others. (Please consult Profoam Polyurethanes for proper cooler and freezer applications and design.)

The Problem

More and more, rising energy costs are cutting into the bottom line of agricultural business owners and operators. The costs of heating and cooling poultry houses, swine barns, farrowing houses, equine barns, cold storage facilities, and so on, are becoming a larger and larger operating expense. And those costs will only increase in the future.

The Solution

ProAg™ is a 2.0 lb/ft3 density, closed-cell foam insulation that goes on as a liquid, filling the cracks and crevices prior to expansion, adhering to virtually any clean and dry substrate, and forming a fully adhered, seamless insulating system. ProAg™ offers exceptional insulating performance that can reduce energy costs considerably. It forms a water barrier, sealing the structure to prevent moisture penetration. It also blocks air movement and has a low water vapor permeance, which controls moisture vapor movement. It can be used to completely seal bottoms or tops of grain storage silos, either concrete or galvanized steel, and livestock or poultry feed storage bins. ProAg™ also adds structural rigidity and can help “tighten” older buildings made of metal or wood.

The End Result

A Superior Agricultural Insulation System that increases energy efficiency, reduces operating costs, and assists in achieving increased farm production. By investing in ProAg™, a highly energy-efficient, high-performance insulation system that also acts as an air barrier, moisture barrier, and, in some cases, a structural complement to older metal or wood structures, additional long-term savings can be achieved. ProCoat™ Premium Coatings give long-lasting protection when used on metal roofs, tanks, silos, and other agricultural projects.

ProAg Flyer
ProAg Flyer
  • Jan 25, 2021

Agricultural business owners face the same challenges as most businesses - reduce operating costs while producing quality products.