Think Outside the Box with Your Geotechnical Applications!

Geotechnical Applications are more than just Concrete Lifting & Slab Jacking! Check out the cool ways that SPF was used in diverse settings!

In Franklin, WV, the Reeds Creek Fish Hatchery was experiencing issues when large voids formed under its 70-year old “raceways” due to leakage from overflow wastewater pipes. The system needed to be remedied quickly without causing issues for the fish in the hatchery. There were several requirements that had to be met in order to use a polyurethane injection to rehabilitate the hatchery.

  •  The polyurethane would have to meet NSF 61 clean drinking water standards.
  •  The polyurethane had to be able to seal the transite pipes from the exterior.
  •  The polyurethane must be able to fill the voids underneath the hatchery and create positive contact between the raceways and the base soils, reestablishing the load support back to the soil.